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Reduce your monthly payments by 50% immediately and reduce your debt amount by up to 60% or more.

Don't file for bankruptcy!

We can settle your credit cards, personal loans, private student loan debt, and can also help you improve your credit.

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This client saved 77%!

Thank you for all of your help. Bright Credit was amazingly helpful and professional about assisting me with my financial situation. I was discouraged because of how behind I was. But you made it easy for me!

You truly know your stuff. Your ability to settle debt with companies so quickly is impressive. Even more impressive is your ability to get amazing settlements.
I had 3 accounts and you were able to settle for an average of 23% .

I am referring a friend to you. I will also be encouraging others to use your service. You’re rock stars!

San Diego, California

This client saved 68%!

Thank you for all of your hard work! You settled 6 of my creditors that I owed almost $88,000 to for less than $28,000. Unbelievable! I’m so glad that I didn’t go bankrupt

Dallas, Texas

This client saved 85%!

My Bank of America credit card had a balance of $17,000. Bright Credit was able to settle for only $2,500 . Incredible!

Phoenix, Arizona

Who can you trust when most of the advice that you receive is designed to push you toward one option?

Bright Credit takes a different approach, we educate you on all of your options and tell you the good, and the bad of each one. We let you decide which option will work best for you.
The Debt Settlement program could reduce your minimum payments by half or more. Debt Settlement has been around for over 30 years, allowing millions of people like you to get free of debt.
We offer only proven solutions that work for millions of Americans each year. You’ll benefit from having an advocate on your side.

Bright Credit offers a free, confidential consultation to answer your questions about credit card debt, personal loans, private student loans, or credit repair. We’ll help find the best option for your circumstances without pressure or obligation.